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GOP voters like Trump because he won’t do what?

According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, supporters of former President Donald Trump within the Republican Party are notably less inclined to favor political compromise compared to those backing other GOP presidential hopefuls. The poll, released on Thursday, reveals a distinctive mindset among Trump’s base.

Around 63% of Trump’s voters prioritize pushing for GOP policies rather than seeking bipartisan cooperation with Democrats, a higher percentage than found among supporters of any other Republican primary candidate. In contrast, the Republican voter base is divided on this issue, with half of the respondents advocating for compromise.

Supporters of Nikki Haley, the former U.N. ambassador, show the highest inclination for bipartisan collaboration, with 72% favoring working across the aisle. A little over half of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ supporters also prefer compromise to strict partisanship.

Trump’s backing in the GOP significantly outweighs that for other candidates, maintaining a substantial lead in national primary polls. According to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s primary polling average, Trump is ahead by 51 points, with DeSantis and Haley roughly tied at 11% support each.

Further, two-thirds of GOP voters surveyed believe the primary race will not be closely contested. A majority, 56%, perceive the campaign as lackluster.

As the Iowa caucus approaches, marking the start of the presidential primary season, Trump still holds a considerable lead in the state. The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s polling average shows Trump at 50% support in Iowa, with DeSantis and Haley trailing at 19% and 17%, respectively.

The Pew poll, conducted between late November and early December, surveyed approximately 5,200 people and has a margin of error of 1.8%.

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