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GOP Senator To Quit Party Over Trump?

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska hinted at the possibility of leaving the Republican Party due to its ongoing alignment with Donald Trump. Expressing her discomfort with Trump’s leadership, she told “Inside Politics With Manu Raju,” “I wish we had a Republican nominee I could support. Donald Trump is certainly not that person.”

During the interview, Murkowski maintained ambiguity about a potential independent political path, emphasizing her independent nature and expressing disappointment in the GOP’s direction under Trump’s influence. She refrained from providing a definitive answer about making an independent run, commenting on the complex political landscape she is navigating.

Murkowski’s comments follow her previous declaration of inability to support either Trump or Biden in the upcoming elections, showing her preference for Nikki Haley, who eventually withdrew from the Republican presidential race after losing to Trump in the primaries.

Known for her critical stance against Trump, including her vote to convict him in his second impeachment trial, Murkowski has consistently voiced her concerns about the direction of the GOP and Trump’s rhetoric, notably criticizing his statements on the January 6 Capitol riot and immigration.

With Trump’s influence seemingly consolidating within the Republican ranks in Congress, Murkowski’s future in the GOP remains a subject of speculation as she contemplates her political alignment amidst the party’s evolving dynamics.

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