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Fox News Insults Trump

A panelist on Fox News, Jessica Tarlov, offered a candid assessment of former President Trump’s behavior, especially when he feels insulted. Speaking on Tuesday, following Trump’s New Hampshire GOP primary victory, Tarlov highlighted his “uncontrollable narcissism and rage,” particularly evident in his antagonistic election-night speech.

As a rotating co-host of “The Five” and a Democratic strategist, Tarlov expressed doubts about Trump’s ability to attract moderate voters, a crucial demographic for the Nikki Haley camp. She noted several past election outcomes that should have been wake-up calls for Trump to soften his approach, yet he remained unchanged.

Tarlov observed that Trump’s combative style resonates with his base, who admire his counterpunching attitude. However, she pointed out the consequences of such behavior, including losing a general election, the Republican Senate, and House, and failing to make gains on the issue of abortion.

Reflecting on Tuesday’s primary where Trump led Haley by 11 points, Tarlov mentioned Trump’s post-election speech, which included attacks on Haley and a call for her to withdraw from the race. She specifically called attention to Trump’s critique of Haley’s dress, a remark she considered demeaning.

Highlighting the thin margins that often decide general elections, Tarlov emphasized the importance of winning over every potential voter, even those on the fringes. She cautioned that Trump’s derogatory remarks could be detrimental, potentially leading voters to either stay home or prefer another term with Joe Biden.

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