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Family Member EXPOSES Buttigieg’s Dark Secret

It’s about time the truth came out…

2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg’s brother-in-law Pastor Rhyan Glezman recently appeared on Fox’s Tucker Carlson and condemned his latest actions.

According to Brietbart, Glezman stated, “Yeah, in the height of intellectual dishonesty for Pete to make claims that there’s no compatibility with being a Christian and voting for Trump. Pete, in fact, is the one who is pushing agendas and rhetoric that is against, clearly against Scripture.”

Regarding abortion, Glezman stated, “I’m just in a state of lament when you hear that we have someone running for commander in chief who can’t make a moral decision on whether to keep a child after it’s already been born or to have it killed. What kind of moral suggestions is he going to be given if he can’t come to an understanding of that? It’s just, it’s alarming.”

Adding, “Just everything that Pete is pushing is, it’s anti-God. I’m just going to be honest with you. Nothing lines up with Scripture for him to make cases like to say that you cannot be a Christian and vote for Trump. He’s the one that is openly contradicting God’s word over and over.” You can watch a clip of his comments here.

Image credit: National Review

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