DOJ Subpoena of Pence in Trump Probe Further Complicates Duos Relationship

There is no better witness to former President Donald Trump’s failed attempt to overturn the 2020 Presidential elections than former Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence successfully dodged appearing before the House Select Committee investigating January 6 in the last Congress but is unlikely to be as successful as he faces a subpoena from the Special Counsel overseeing an investigation into Trump.

Pence was also on the receiving end of one of the most striking attempts by Trump to overturn the election — a heated telephone call that occurred on the morning of January 6.

During the phone call, Trump berated Pence as a “wimp” for refusing to listen to his reason that Biden’s win shouldn’t be certified.

Two apects of the Subpoena indicate that the former Vice President will play a significant role in the Department of Justice inquiry.

Pence is the most senior Trump administration member to receive a subpoena.

The Subpoena is Special Counsel Jack Smith’s most aggressive action in the investigation since he assumed the role last year.

Though Pence’s participation could be elucidation, it isn’t clear if the former Vice president will comply with the summons as Trump could attempt to block him from testifying by asserting executive privilege.

Pence may also not be as forthcoming about giving testimony, giving the timing of the Subpoena — coinciding with what many believe is his push to launch a 2024 Presidential bid.

When the January 6 House Committee sought testimony from the Vice President, he said they had “no right” to ask about private conversations he had with Trump.

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