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DeSantis Goes Crawling Back To Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) is working to mend ties with former President Donald Trump, as he eyes a potential presidential campaign in 2028.

Over the weekend, DeSantis met with Trump in Miami, marking their first conversation since DeSantis exited the presidential race after underwhelming performances in the early primary states. This meeting is significant for DeSantis, signaling his intention to smooth over past tensions with Trump, which could be crucial for his future political aspirations.

Ford O’Connell, a Republican strategist in Florida, noted the mutual benefits of their reconciliation, saying, “It’s a win-win for both of them. Trump could benefit from having strong fundraisers and influencers like DeSantis by his side, and for DeSantis, staying in Trump’s good graces could be advantageous for his political future.”

Their newfound cooperation was also welcomed by other Republicans in Florida, who are keen on seeing the party unite against Joe Biden. “Seeing the two former rivals come together was a positive step for party unity,” said Justin Sayfie, another Florida-based Republican strategist.

Trump acknowledged their meeting on Truth Social, expressing his satisfaction with DeSantis’s full and enthusiastic support. “We discussed our shared goals to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and the future of Florida, which looks FANTASTIC! I appreciate Ron’s support in our efforts to take back our country from the worst president in the history of the United States. November 5th is a BIG DAY!!!” Trump posted.

This rapprochement comes after a period of intense rivalry during which Trump sharply criticized DeSantis, dubbing him “DeSanctimonious” among other names. Despite this, their relationship wasn’t always contentious; DeSantis had closely aligned himself with Trump during his initial gubernatorial campaign in 2018 and supported Trump’s 2020 reelection bid. By then, DeSantis had garnered considerable admiration from conservatives, including Trump, for his management of the coronavirus pandemic.

By the time DeSantis entered the presidential race in May 2023, some thought he might eclipse Trump as the GOP frontrunner. However, DeSantis’s campaign struggled to gain traction, and after trailing significantly behind Trump in Iowa, he withdrew from the race shortly before the New Hampshire primary.

Republican strategist Dan Eberhart, who initially supported DeSantis but later backed Trump, remarked, “No other governor has done more for the conservative cause than Gov. DeSantis. If Trump wasn’t in the race, DeSantis would likely be our nominee.”

Now, as DeSantis and Trump display unity, their collaboration could strengthen their position in Florida, particularly as Democrats target the state in their broader electoral strategy. This unity is seen as crucial for consolidating conservative support and resources as the general election approaches.

“The alignment between Trump and DeSantis will bolster our efforts here in Florida, where Democrats are hoping to make inroads,” O’Connell added. “Right now, Republicans are unified, which should help counter Democratic strategies in this cycle.”

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