Democrats Want to Make 2024 About Their Policy Strengths

Democrats are focusing on making 2024 a year of entitlements and health care, contrasting their moves with Republicans.

The notion Democrats are homing in on rights and health care was most evident in Biden’s State of the Union address, where the President gave a glimpse into the issues Democrats would like to keep alive until election season.

The driving point for Democrats will be how Republicans choose to handle the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations. The party is hoping that how House Republicans choose to negotiate — and what they suggest is put on the chopping block — will hand Democrats a smoking gun for the 2024 election cycle.

Last week’s State of the Union address was a glance into the negotiations and the subjects that will matter.

Biden’s back-and-forth with Republicans on Medicare and Social Security was the perfect example of interactions that could dominate headlines ahead of 2024.

Biden followed Tuesday’s SOTU with a speech in Florida where he continued to call out the GOP on policy issues where Democrats are most comfortable, including the Affordable Care Act, prescription drug legislation, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

Biden reiterated that Republicans wanted to “cut” Medicare and Social Security, saying if it were the GOP’s “dream” to do this, he would be their “nightmare.” Biden also called out Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for not expanding the State’s Medicaid, a clear nod to the sparring he expects could become the norm should the GOP-Presidential favorite be his challenger in a re-election.

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