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Conway Calls Trump Mentally Unstable

George Conway, a conservative attorney, expressed his views on former President Trump’s behavior in a courtroom, highlighting concerns about Trump’s ability to control himself during legal proceedings. Conway’s remarks came in response to an incident during jury selection in Trump’s hush money criminal trial when Judge Juan Merchan reprimanded Trump for making audible comments during the questioning of a potential juror.

In an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Conway commended the judge’s swift action in addressing Trump’s conduct. He noted that Trump’s behavior in court is often demonstrative and emotional, indicating a potential lack of control. Conway referenced Trump’s behavior during the E. Jean Carroll trial and suggested that similar incidents might occur during the ongoing hush money trial. He emphasized the importance of the judge warning Trump against inappropriate behavior in front of the jury.

Trump currently faces multiple criminal counts related to falsifying business records in connection with payments to his former fixer, Michael Cohen, who allegedly paid off porn actress Stormy Daniels. Trump’s conduct in court has drawn significant media attention, particularly his actions during the Carroll trial, where he showed contempt for the proceedings and the jury. Conway cautioned that such behavior could backfire and harm Trump’s case.

Overall, Conway’s comments shed light on concerns about Trump’s courtroom demeanor and its potential impact on legal proceedings and public perception.

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