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Christie Calls Trump What? Haley Blabbers Through

In a bold move during his first speaking opportunity at the debate, Chris Christie took a jab at his fellow competitors and the debate moderators for tiptoeing around the issue of Donald Trump. He questioned why, apart from the initial remarks, the debate had unfolded as if Trump’s name was off-limits. Christie pointed out that the fifth candidate, absent from the stage, was leading in the polls, insinuating that everyone was treating Trump like the infamous Harry Potter character, Voldemort, whose name was forbidden to be uttered.

Christie didn’t hold back, suggesting that Ramaswamy, Haley, and DeSantis were avoiding direct confrontation with Trump, whom he described as a “bully.” He emphasized the importance of speaking the truth and criticized Trump’s recent statement about using the Department of Justice against his opponents, declaring Trump unfit for the presidency. Christie firmly believed that there was no bigger issue in the race than Donald Trump, and he wanted to address it head-on.

In a lively exchange, Nikki Haley defended her stance on social media verification, clarifying that she never proposed requiring authentication for social media users. Instead, she expressed her desire for transparency regarding social media algorithms. It’s worth noting that earlier, she had indeed stated, “Every person on social media should be verified by their name.” However, amid criticism, she swiftly walked back that statement, shifting her focus to the discussion of algorithms.

Haley’s proposal had drawn criticism from DeSantis and others who argued that it posed First Amendment concerns. So, the debate continued over the nuances of social media regulation and free speech. 🗣️🎙️

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