Cheney Back Again Torments Trump And New Speaker

“Cheney Strikes Again: Warns of GOP’s Downfall with Jordan at the Helm, Citing Constitutional Abandonment”

Ex-Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) intensified her disapproval of Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) on Friday, cautioning that his potential Speakership would spell doom for the GOP’s hold on the House — a loss she believes they’d merit.

“Selecting Jordan for Speaker equals turning our backs on the Constitution. The GOP will forfeit their House dominance, and justifiably so,” Cheney shared on her X profile, the new platform for former Twitter users.

Cheney didn’t mince words about her apprehensions regarding Jordan’s tight-knit bond with ex-President Trump and his apparent role in the maneuvers to unlawfully sustain Trump’s presidency post the 2020 electoral defeat.

“Jordan played a part in Trump’s undemocratic plot to hijack the election and cling to authority,” she stated. “He even pressed for Pence to dismiss legitimate electoral votes.”

The spotlight returned to Jordan’s bid for Speaker this Friday after his initial setback against House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) in a 113-99 vote last Tuesday. However, Scalise’s subsequent withdrawal on Thursday evening, due to insufficient backing, reopened the field.

Adding to the fray, Representative Austin Scott from Georgia declared his candidacy for Speaker later on Friday, pledging to “steer a House that operates for the highest good of all Americans.”

Cheney, in a recent address, voiced doubts about Jordan securing enough support to clinch the Speakership. Yet, she warned of a grim scenario where his victory would signify the GOP’s utter inability to stand as guardians of the Constitution.

“Jim Jordan was privy to Trump’s designs for January 6 more than any other House member,” she asserted in her previous week’s discourse. “He wasn’t just a bystander but an active conspirator in Trump’s scheme to reverse the election outcome.”

In her role as the vice chair of the select committee investigating January 6, Cheney was instrumental in a report that painted Jordan as a “key figure” in Trump’s campaign to nullify the election verdict. The document highlighted Jordan’s deep involvement in multiple strategy sessions post-election, aimed at invalidating the results. This included a significant call on January 2, 2021, with Trump and his inner circle to orchestrate the delay of the January 6th joint session.

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