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Border Sinks Biden 2024

Currently, dissatisfaction is apparent across the political spectrum. Recent polling indicates that Democrats have lost their previous lead over Republicans regarding border and immigration issues. According to NBC News polling, the GOP now has a significant 18-point advantage in managing immigration, a stark contrast to the 4 to 6 point lead Democrats maintained during the Trump administration.

Recent surveys point to a shift among Latino voters, traditionally a strong Democratic demographic. A poll for UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota indicates that President Biden’s lead among Latino voters has narrowed to 18 points, a notable decrease from the 33-point lead he held in the 2020 election, as per exit polls.

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips, who is challenging Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination, has visited the border twice and described the situation as a catastrophic and inexcusable failure. In an interview, he criticized the long-standing neglect of the issue, pointing to deplorable conditions at ports of entry, inadequate security, and outdated policies.

Biden’s supporters believe there’s a chance for him to regain his footing on immigration before the 2024 election, but this window seems to be closing with no clear victories in sight.

Biden has struggled with border control since his term began. In the 2021 fiscal year, which included most of his first year, Customs and Border Protection agents encountered 1,734,000 migrants entering the U.S. illegally. This figure increased to 2,379,000 the following year and reached 2,475,000 in fiscal 2023.

Congressman Cuellar noted that historically, illegal border crossings fluctuated seasonally. He highlighted the current strain on northern cities like New York, overwhelmed by the influx of people, which also impacts legitimate trade and tourism.

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