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Biden’s Swing State Shocker

A recent Franklin & Marshall College poll indicates that President Joe Biden is currently leading former President Donald Trump by a notable margin in Pennsylvania, a pivotal battleground state, with the general election just seven months away. Conducted from March 20 to 31, the poll shows Biden ahead with 48% support compared to Trump’s 38%. This represents a significant uptick from February, when Biden’s lead was a mere one point, at 43% to 42%.

Pennsylvania’s political landscape is crucial; its voters have often played a decisive role in determining the outcome of presidential elections. Biden recaptured the state for the Democrats in the 2020 election by a margin of approximately 80,000 votes, after Trump’s surprising victory there in 2016, which marked the first time the state swung Republican in 24 years.

Historically, Pennsylvania’s support has been essential for presidential hopefuls, with only two candidates since 1932 winning the presidency without it. Moreover, no Democrat has ascended to the presidency without Pennsylvania’s electoral votes since 1948.

Despite the favorable polling for Biden in Pennsylvania, his approval ratings reveal a more nuanced picture. Forty-two percent of Pennsylvanians view Biden favorably, while 57% view him unfavorably. Trump’s numbers are slightly lower, with 39% viewing him positively against 60% negatively. The poll’s margin of error stands at plus or minus 4 percentage points.

While Biden appears to be in a strong position in Pennsylvania, his performance in other swing states is less robust, and with several months remaining until the election, the political landscape may yet undergo significant changes.

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