Biden’s New Approval Rating Shocker

Biden Sees Uplift in Approval Ratings, Gains Ground in Democratic Primary According to Latest Poll

Recent data from Emerson College Polling indicates a notable increase in President Biden’s approval ratings, particularly among independent voters, and a significant surge in his support within the Democratic primary race.

The survey, conducted nationally, shows Biden’s approval among independents at 37%, a 4-point increase from December’s 33%. Spencer Kimball, the executive director of Emerson College Polling, highlighted this as a positive trend, noting a reduction in disapproval from 52% to 45% within the same group.

Amid his bid for reelection, Biden’s overall approval rating remains stable at 42%, marginally up from 41% the previous month. This steadiness comes as Biden faces minimal opposition in the Democratic primary, where his backing has notably risen.

Support for Biden as the Democratic nominee has escalated to 72% among primary voters, a 9-point leap from December. Competitors Rep. Dean Phillips and Marianne Williamson each garnered a mere 4% support, with 19% of voters still undecided.

Kimball pointed out the consolidation of Biden’s position among Democratic primary voters, with a decline in undecided voters from 30% to 19%, and an increase in his support from 63% to 72%.

In a hypothetical 2024 face-off against former President Trump, the Republican frontrunner, Biden and Trump are closely matched, with polling figures at 45% for Biden and 46% for Trump, respectively.

However, a polling average by The Hill and Decision Desk HQ shows Trump with a slight 2.4-point advantage over Biden in such a matchup as of Tuesday.

The Emerson College Polling survey, conducted from January 26 to 29 among 1,260 registered voters, comes with a credibility interval of plus or minus 2.7 percentage points, similar to a margin of error in polling terms.

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