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Biden’s Focusing on His Wins as He Prepares for 2024 Campaign

Although he is yet to make an official announcement, President Joe Biden is acting like his on the campaign trail and has been for some time now.

Last Tuesday’s State of the Union address suggested Biden was stepping into campaign mode and gave viewers a glimpse into what to expect in 2024.

Biden’s SOTU address was full of signals pointing to what the President is likely to build his 2024 campaign around. The first example of this was a possible slogan, “finish the job,” which he repeated throughout his address.

He also made a positive argument for Democrats his case for Democrats, signaling the kind of persuasive political messaging he could employ when he officially launched his campaign.

Many Democrat strategists believe Biden’s SOTU speech pointed to a shift away from the party’s reactive messaging. They believe the address previewed the party’s embrace of a proactive, optimistic campaign focusing less on the opposition’s flaws and more on what Democrats could accomplish with four more years in power.

Despite having terrible approval ratings for a second-year President, Biden has more accomplishments he can leverage. The President can draw on achieving record-low unemployment, a receding pandemic, and policy wins like the Inflation Reduction, which is starting to take effect.

Biden’s focus on his record is a far cry from how he led his campaign in the Trump era when Democrats preferred to highlight the alternative’s flaws rather than make many cases in their favor.

Biden continued exploiting the opposition’s weaknesses even into his Presidency. But, as veteran Democratic strategist Chris Moyer revealed in an interview with Vox, the President finally “feels confident in his record, in what he’s going to be presenting to the American people.”

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