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Biden’s Campaign Intensifies Efforts Against Trump

The Biden campaign is escalating its efforts against former President Trump, who is emerging as the likely Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential race, signaling a potential rematch between Trump and President Biden.

This week, the Biden team has been actively criticizing Trump, issuing daily memos outlining the potential consequences of a second Trump presidency on issues like abortion rights, the economy, and immigration. These memos are in response to Trump’s recent inflammatory remarks, where he compared his political adversaries to “vermin.”

Polls are showing Trump leading over Biden in key battleground states and nationally, prompting some of Biden’s supporters to welcome this more aggressive stance.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) expressed on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that the Biden team should emphasize the stark choice between Trump, who she views as a threat to democracy, and Biden, who she believes represents competent governance.

The Biden campaign’s recent series of memos, titled “Trump’s America in 2025,” aim to underscore the high stakes of the next election. These memos suggest that a second term for Trump could result in a national abortion ban, the end of birthright citizenship, and threats to U.S. democracy, including the implementation of “large-scale detention camps” for undocumented immigrants, reminiscent of his policies during his first term.

The campaign is drawing on media reports and Trump’s own statements to support these claims.

After a Veterans Day speech where Trump pledged to eliminate “radical-left thugs,” likening them to “vermin,” the Biden campaign drew parallels to the rhetoric of historical dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.

Ammar Moussa, a spokesperson for the Biden campaign, stated, “Four more years of Donald Trump would destroy everything we stand for as Americans.” He referenced the voters’ efforts to protect democracy in past elections and their potential to do so again in the next election.

President Biden himself has become more direct in his criticisms of Trump, mentioning him 21 times at a recent San Francisco fundraiser and attributing various issues, including the abortion ban and the stripping away of fundamental rights, directly to Trump.

Trump maintains a strong lead in the Republican presidential primary polls and is ahead in most state-level polls. However, general election polls show a close race between Trump and Biden, with some indicating that undecided voters or those not fully committed to Trump could sway the outcome.

Biden supporters believe that as the election approaches and Trump potentially becomes the official GOP nominee, the focus on his policy proposals and suitability for office will intensify, reminding voters of the critical decision they face in November.

Jim Messina, former President Obama’s campaign manager, emphasized in a Politico op-ed that Trump’s candidacy represents right-wing extremism and a departure from democratic norms. He suggests that while Trump may be a known figure, many Americans are not yet fully engaged with the election, presenting an opportunity for the Biden campaign to shape perceptions.

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