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Biden-Trump in Dead Heat For 2024 Elections, Who Will Win?

Asian Americans represent the most rapidly expanding racial demographic in the U.S., with individuals of Indian heritage emerging as the predominant subgroup, as affirmed by the 2020 Census data.

Significance: While Indian Americans have deep-rooted historical ties to the U.S., their numbers remained modest until immigration reforms in the 1960s facilitated a surge of Indian professionals, especially in the tech sector. Over time, their extended families also established residence in the U.S.

Statistical Overview: From 2010 to 2020, there was a growth of over 50% in the population identifying solely as Asian Indian, reaching approximately 4.4 million individuals.

Considering those who identify as either solely one race or of mixed race, the Chinese (excluding Taiwanese) remain the most numerous Asian group in the U.S., numbering around 5.2 million, marking a 37.2% growth since 2010.

Per the Census data, the top five states with the highest concentration of Asian communities include California, New York, Texas, Hawaii, and Washington.

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