Biden To Retire?

Haley Suggests Democrats Might Not Run Biden Again 🚀

Nikki Haley, running for the GOP presidential nomination, suggested on Friday that the Democrats might be considering not running President Biden for a second term. “I’ve always believed that the first party to decide against nominating their 80-year-old candidate will likely win the presidency. It seems the Democrats are starting to think the same,” Haley commented, referencing a recent report about Biden’s handling of classified documents. She added, “Trump and Biden are currently neck and neck, but against a more vigorous Democrat, Trump would face a tough challenge.”

The report by special counsel Robert Hur, which was made public on Thursday, didn’t recommend any legal action against Biden but did mention his memory issues. Hur noted, “In court, Mr. Biden might come across as a kind, elderly man with memory problems, making it hard for jurors to convict him, especially considering his age and status as a former president.”

Haley found the report’s findings particularly troubling, expressing her concerns in a Fox News interview. “The report’s observations about Biden’s memory and diminished capacity are extremely worrying. It’s risky,” she stated. “That’s why I advocate for mental fitness tests. A large portion of Americans are not in favor of a Biden-Trump rematch.”

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