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Biden To Go Nuclear On The Border

President Biden is reportedly still contemplating significant executive actions concerning the border situation as the November election approaches. These considerations are being evaluated against a backdrop of legal, logistical, and political challenges. The administration faces the dilemma of addressing potential increases in border crossings, with some officials referring to the potential actions as a last-resort measure.

The number of border crossings dropped in January and saw a slight increase in February. However, there is an expectation that these numbers could rise during the spring and summer, potentially compelling the administration to adopt more stringent measures. Such actions, however, might not sit well with some members of the Democratic party.

The executive actions under consideration could include prohibiting entry to the U.S. for individuals who have crossed the border illegally and imposing more stringent criteria for passing the initial asylum interview phase.

A White House spokesperson emphasized the limitations of executive actions in achieving comprehensive policy reforms and securing additional resources, which could be more effectively addressed by Congress. The administration has urged the Speaker and House Republicans to agree on a bipartisan deal to fortify border security.

While there were discussions about announcing new executive measures around the time of the State of the Union address, the administration held off. Nevertheless, discussions about enhancing the president’s border authority are ongoing. The absence of a bipartisan agreement on border issues has allowed the Democrats to attribute the border chaos to the Republicans, a point President Biden emphasized in his congressional address. Following the State of the Union, where he urged legislative action, the introduction of an executive order on border control could appear contradictory, as noted by Senator Chris Coons.

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