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Biden To Drop Out If This Happens?

President Biden, in a candid moment, shared his thoughts on his reelection campaign during a campaign reception in Weston, Massachusetts. He expressed uncertainty about whether he would have pursued another term in 2024 if former President Trump had not been in the running.

Biden stated, “If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. But we cannot let him win,” underscoring his determination to prevent Trump’s return to office.

The President went on to highlight the perceived threat that Trump poses to democracy. He cited Trump’s divisive rhetoric, reports of potential use of the Insurrection Act for policy changes, and a controversial social media post in December 2022 where Trump suggested altering parts of the Constitution.

This candid reflection occurred during a gathering of prominent donors as part of Biden’s fundraising activities in the Boston area. Meanwhile, former President Trump is participating in a prerecorded town hall with Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

Trump officially announced his candidacy for the presidency in November 2022, following the midterm elections, while Biden confirmed his reelection bid in April of the current year. Biden’s decision was preceded by months of speculation, partly due to his age, as he is 81 years old.

Although recent polls have shown Biden trailing Trump in some key swing states, the President’s team has emphasized that polling should not be the sole predictor of electoral success. They argue that Biden defied poll predictions in 2020 and that it is premature to determine his fate a year ahead of the election.

In parallel, media outlets like The Washington Post, The Atlantic, and The New York Times have published stories discussing a potential “Trump dictatorship,” fueling the debate over the implications of a second Trump presidency for democracy. Trump’s allies have vehemently contested these claims. 📊🤯

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