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Biden To Be Replaced By Who?

7 Democrats Being Considered as Potential Biden Replacements

President Biden’s campaign is working hard to quell rumors that he might drop out of the 2024 race following a lackluster debate performance last week.

Most top Democrats support Biden staying in the race, and his family, including First Lady Jill Biden, also want him to remain a candidate, casting doubt on the possibility of replacing him.

However, if Biden were to step aside, several prominent Democrats could be potential successors. Here are the top candidates:

Kamala Harris

If Biden decides not to seek reelection, Vice President Harris would be the most obvious choice. She has defended Biden and emphasized his ability to serve another term, gaining executive experience as the vice president. Despite some vulnerabilities, such as lower favorability ratings and criticisms of the administration’s policies, Harris could still be a strong candidate, especially given her support among Black voters.

Gavin Newsom

If Harris is passed over, California Governor Gavin Newsom would likely be a top contender. Known for his defense of Biden and clashes with Republicans like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Newsom has a strong record as a two-term governor of California. Despite denying interest in running for president in 2024, he could receive significant support if Biden steps aside.

Gretchen Whitmer

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, known for her pragmatic focus on infrastructure and key liberal victories, is a rising star in the Democratic Party. Despite making it clear that she supports Biden and is not looking to replace him, her accomplishments and leadership could make her a strong candidate.

Pete Buttigieg

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg gained popularity during his 2020 presidential run and has continued to advocate for Biden. His youth and high-profile moments, like the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure law, make him a potential contender, though he may face challenges in rallying minority support.

Josh Shapiro

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro, known for his moderate stance and key liberal issues, has sparked rumors as a future face of the party. Having comfortably won the governorship in a battleground state, he could gain attention if Biden ends his presidential bid, especially given his support for Biden’s campaign.

JB Pritzker

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, with his rising national profile and defense of Biden, is another possible candidate. Hosting the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and supporting key issues like abortion rights, Pritzker could receive support for the nomination if Biden steps aside.

Andy Beshear

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear pulled off an impressive reelection in a heavily Republican state. Despite his support for Biden and his term-limited future, Beshear’s popularity and ability to win as a Democrat in a red state make him a noteworthy potential candidate.

These potential replacements highlight the depth of leadership within the Democratic Party, ready to step up if needed.

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