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Biden Slips In to Oblivion

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre Dodges Questions on President Biden’s Mental State Following Debate Performance

In the first White House briefing since President Biden’s underwhelming debate performance, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced a barrage of questions concerning the president’s mental acuity. Addressing these concerns, Jean-Pierre highlighted that the president has undergone and publicly disclosed medical examinations, emphasizing his ongoing nationwide campaign efforts.

Jean-Pierre assured, “This is why we’re going to go out there and continue to do interviews and talk to the American people. At the end of the day, the American people will see for themselves.” She reiterated that Biden has been diligently working for the nation and remains steadfast in his leadership commitment.

The press secretary pointed out the president’s scheduled public appearances, including two unscripted events: a solo press conference at the upcoming NATO summit in Washington, D.C., and an interview with ABC. These engagements come in response to calls from Democrats, such as Biden ally Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), who have urged the president to participate in more interviews and spontaneous events following the debate.

“We’re going to turn the page, we’re going to get out there across the country, Americans are going to see him for themselves,” Jean-Pierre emphasized.

Addressing questions about Biden’s capacity to serve, Jean-Pierre remarked, “I think I’ve litigated this a lot already in the briefing.” She acknowledged the challenging debate night and reassured that the administration is taking these concerns seriously, unlike some Democrats who feel the campaign is downplaying the post-debate apprehensions.

Jean-Pierre stated, “I see it as a legitimate question, I do and I understand, it is a fair question to ask. The president sees it as a legitimate question. We are acknowledging what people are seeing.”

The president’s debate performance, marked by his struggle to complete sentences and a quiet, raspy voice, has sparked alarm among Democrats. This has led to calls from some operatives, former aides, and even a House Democrat for Biden to reconsider his candidacy.

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