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Biden Slanders Trump With What?

President Biden’s reelection campaign has launched a provocative new advertisement across pivotal battleground states, branding Donald Trump as a “convicted criminal.” This aggressive tactic underscores the campaign’s intent to spotlight Trump’s legal entanglements as a pivotal issue in the 2024 election.

The essence of the strategy: Biden’s team is betting heavily that Trump’s recent conviction, specifically from a hush money trial, will significantly influence voters’ decisions. This $50 million advertising initiative during June targets demographic groups — Black, Hispanic, and Asian American voters — whose overwhelming support was crucial to Biden’s 2020 victory. However, there’s emerging concern that Biden’s appeal among these groups may be waning.

The advertisement itself is stark, featuring courtroom imagery and Trump’s mug shot related to charges in Georgia for allegedly attempting to manipulate the 2020 election results. With a focus on contrasting Trump’s controversies against Biden’s presidential accomplishments, the ad showcases Biden actively signing legislation and engaging with workers, painting a narrative of leadership and responsibility.

Michael Tyler, communications director for Biden-Harris 2024, commented, “In the courtroom, we see Donald Trump for who he is.” The ad portrays Trump as a figure of relentless pursuit of power at any cost, a narrative they plan to press in the upcoming debate on June 27.

As the debate approaches, Biden’s campaign is intensifying its critique of Trump, including pointed jabs Biden made in Los Angeles about Trump’s handling of the pandemic. The president joked about Trump’s infamous suggestion to inject bleach as a COVID-19 remedy.

With the debate looming, Biden is hunkering down for focused preparation, while his team leverages their financial resources to shape public perception early in the campaign season. Despite their efforts, polls suggest the race remains tightly contested.

Meanwhile, Trump is actively courting minority voters, challenging Biden’s policies and their impacts on communities, signaling a fiercely competitive race ahead.

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