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Biden Panics After Trump Goes On Attack

On Thursday, the Trump campaign reached out to the Commission on Presidential Debates, requesting the scheduling of additional debates and an earlier start for these events. The communication underscores the campaign’s intent to have former President Trump and President Biden engage in more debates prior to Election Day. This request comes amidst efforts by the Trump campaign to prompt Biden to agree to fall debates, despite Trump’s absence from the GOP primary debates this season. The early onset of voting in various states was highlighted by the campaign as a rationale for advancing the debate schedule.

Advisers Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita, representing the Trump campaign, emphasized the necessity of adjusting the debate timetable to before the commencement of early voting, to allow a broader spectrum of voters to evaluate the candidates. They pointed out the willingness of Trump to debate “anytime, anyplace,” advocating for the debates to begin immediately.

Currently, the 2024 election cycle has three presidential debates slated to start in September, along with a vice presidential debate. The advisers noted that significant early voting occurs before these debates, with over 1 million Americans likely to have voted before the first debate and 3 million by the second.

Despite Trump’s historical criticisms of the Commission on Presidential Debates and his abstention from GOP primary debates, he has expressed eagerness to face Biden in the upcoming debates, buoyed by his strong polling in key states. Trump’s decision to bypass the primary debates, attributed to his substantial lead, has sparked speculation about whether Biden might similarly avoid debates if leading in fall polls.

The Biden campaign has not yet committed to the debates, with the President responding humorously to inquiries about debating Trump, linking his decision to Trump’s conduct.

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