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Biden Not On Election Ballot

In a surprising development, President Joe Biden has decided not to participate in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary for the 2024 election. The state is proceeding with a primary that is not officially recognized by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The Biden campaign communicated this decision through a formal letter to Ray Buckley, the Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, stated in the letter that although President Biden is keen on participating in the New Hampshire primary, he feels compelled to adhere to the DNC’s official schedule for presidential nominations. Consequently, he will not be filing a Declaration of Candidacy by the upcoming Friday deadline. However, it was clarified that Biden will still be a contender in the general election slated for November 2024.

This move comes after a year of restructuring by the DNC, aimed at reshuffling the early state lineup for the 2024 presidential nominations. Traditionally, Iowa and New Hampshire have held significant sway by being the first states to hold their primaries. However, these states have now lost their privileged positions in the calendar. Despite this, New Hampshire is going ahead with its primary, a move that could invite further penalties from the DNC.

This decision by Biden to abstain from the New Hampshire primary is seen as a significant moment, reflecting the changing dynamics within the Democratic Party and its approach to the electoral process. It also raises questions about the future influence of New Hampshire in shaping the political landscape, especially within the Democratic Party.

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