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Biden Goes After Gun Ban

On Monday, the Supreme Court announced its decision to review a case concerning the regulation of “ghost guns.” This case arises from an appeal by the Biden administration after a lower court overturned its efforts to regulate these firearms, which are often self-assembled and lack serial numbers, complicating efforts to track them.

Last summer, the Supreme Court temporarily halted the lower court’s decision. The case, known as Garland v. VanDerStok, is set to be heard in the court’s next term, according to ABC News.

The 2022 regulation introduced by the Biden administration expanded the definition of a firearm to encompass unfinished parts such as frames and receivers. Under this rule, these components must bear serial numbers, and dealers are required to conduct background checks on buyers.

Ghost guns are particularly concerning because they can be assembled into fully operational, untraceable firearms in under an hour, says Everytown for Gun Safety. The regulation targets ghost guns assembled from individual parts, kits, or through 3D printing. In 2022 alone, the Justice Department reported the recovery of over 25,700 ghost guns in domestic actions and an additional 2,400 in international efforts.

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