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Biden Gets Win As Speaker Johnson Cozies Up With Him

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has extended an invitation to President Biden to deliver the State of the Union address on March 7, 2024. This date is notably set after the Super Tuesday primaries, a pivotal moment in the presidential nominating process involving over a dozen states. The timing of this year’s address, a month later than the previous year’s February 7 event, comes amidst significant challenges facing the nation, including critical border issues and impending government shutdown deadlines.

Why the Timing Matters: This year’s State of the Union, scheduled post-Super Tuesday, will be delivered in a politically charged atmosphere. It follows two vital government shutdown deadlines, adding to the urgency and significance of the address. The timing is also crucial as the country grapples with ongoing challenges at its borders, where issues of immigration, security, and humanitarian concerns continue to be hot-button topics.

Context on Border Issues: The United States has been facing escalating challenges at its southern border, with increasing numbers of migrants and refugees seeking entry. This situation has fueled debates over immigration policy, border security, and humanitarian aid. The Biden administration’s approach to these issues will likely be a key point in the address, especially in the context of national security and foreign relations.

Speaker Johnson’s Invitation: In his letter to President Biden, Johnson emphasized the constitutional obligation to report on the state of the union. “In this moment of great challenge for our country, it is my solemn duty to extend this invitation for you to address a Joint Session of Congress…,” Johnson wrote. This address will be Johnson’s first as House Speaker, following his contentious rise to the position in October.

Looking Back: In last year’s address, President Biden, who is running for re-election, focused on the theme of national unity. He also made an impromptu call for bipartisan support to protect Medicare and Social Security amid discussions of budget cuts in Congress.

The upcoming State of the Union address is expected to be a crucial platform for President Biden to outline his administration’s accomplishments and future plans, particularly in addressing the complex issues at the border and steering the country through the looming government shutdowns.

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