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Biden Gets Bad News As Trump Rejoices

The recent poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University reveals a significant shift in voter preferences among key demographic groups that previously supported President Biden. Notably, former President Trump is now leading among Hispanic and young voters, which is a stark contrast to the 2020 election outcomes.

In the Hispanic demographic, President Biden’s support has notably decreased. In 2020, he garnered 65% of the Hispanic vote, but the recent survey indicates only 34% support for Biden, with Trump leading at 39%. This drop is substantial and indicates a changing political landscape within this community.

Similarly, there has been a shift in support among Black voters, a group that overwhelmingly supported Biden in 2020 with 87% backing. The current survey shows Biden’s support in this group has fallen to 63%. This decline suggests a growing dissatisfaction or disengagement among Black voters towards the current administration.

The survey also highlights a significant change among young voters, a demographic that strongly favored Biden over Trump in 2020. Biden had a 24-point lead over Trump in this group during the last election, but the recent poll shows Trump leading with 37% support compared to Biden’s 33% among voters under 35. This shift could be attributed to various factors, including disappointment over specific policy actions or inactions. For instance, young progressives have expressed discontent over Biden’s handling of issues like climate change, voting rights, and the resumption of student loan repayments after the Supreme Court blocked his debt forgiveness efforts. Additionally, Biden’s stance on international issues, such as his support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas, has not resonated well with many young Americans who tend to empathize more with the Palestinians affected in the conflict.

It’s worth noting that while Biden is losing support in these groups, many voters are turning towards third-party candidates rather than aligning with Trump. About 20-21% of Hispanic, Black, and younger voters surveyed indicated they would support a candidate other than Trump or Biden.

This survey, conducted from December 26 to 29 among 1,000 likely voters, presents a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. It paints a picture of a shifting political landscape ahead of a critical election year, highlighting challenges for the Biden administration in reconnecting with key segments of the electorate that were instrumental in his 2020 victory.

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