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Biden Does The Unthinkable

President Joe Biden is rejoicing in his party’s recent election triumphs and is attributing some of these victories, such as the re-election of Kentucky’s governor, to the success of his administration’s policies.

During a campaign event in Chicago, President Biden publicly addressed Tuesday’s election outcomes, expressing his belief that the Biden-Harris agenda has gained traction among voters. He remarked, “The Biden-Harris agenda has taken hold. People are winning elections on it over and over and over.”

Specifically, President Biden celebrated the re-election of Governor Andy Beshear in Kentucky, highlighting that the governor ran on programs that were aligned with Biden’s own initiatives.

In addition to Kentucky, Biden pointed to Democratic successes in Ohio, where voters approved a ballot initiative safeguarding abortion rights in the state’s constitution. He took the opportunity to criticize his potential opponent in the upcoming election, stating, “The only reason abortion is banned in America is because of Donald Trump.”

President Biden also highlighted Democratic victories in Pennsylvania, which included the expansion of the Democratic majority on the state’s Supreme Court and the election of Philadelphia’s first Black female mayor. Additionally, he acknowledged Virginia Democrats’ successful bid to regain control of the Legislature.

Biden asserted, “Since I came off the sidelines to go toe to toe with Donald Trump, we haven’t stopped winning,” referencing the Democratic Party’s performance in recent midterm elections.

However, it’s important to note that while President Biden credited his administration for these Democratic victories, some of the significant wins likely have independent roots and were not directly tied to the president’s campaigns. For instance, Biden did not actively campaign for Governor Beshear in Kentucky.

President Biden’s remarks come in the wake of an NBC News exit poll in Ohio that showed strong Democratic turnout alongside less favorable opinions of Biden, including a 39% approval rating among Ohio voters and a significant portion expressing that he should not seek re-election.

Despite this, President Biden appeared to make light of recent polls indicating his trailing position in battleground states, suggesting that other polls show a more favorable outcome for his camp.

Biden’s comments on Thursday echo his earlier statements boasting about the party’s victories on election night, emphasizing the success of democracy and contrasting it with the phrase “MAGA lost,” referring to the “Make America Great Again” slogan associated with former President Trump.

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