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Biden Dismisses His Negative Polling – Here’s Why He Shouldn’t

Despite President Joe Biden saying he isn’t ready to make a decision on his reelection campaign, he adamantly denied that polling showing him in a negative light was accurate.

In an interview on Telemundo, Biden answered, “Do you know any polling that’s accurate these days?” in response to a question about Democrats being concerned about his age.

Although the President is defensive about his polling, recent polls suggest that most Democrats would prefer he not run in 2024.

Other polls have also indicated Biden is trailing former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical one-on-one match.

Biden shouldn’t dismiss these polls. Although polling isn’t perfect, these surveys are an indication of the current atmosphere, deciphering voter sentiment on the whole.

Polls are a tool that has — for the most part — done an excellent job forecasting the political fates of Biden and the Democratic Party.

The midterm election is a representation of when polling is performed accurately. Polling from the national surveys showed on the generic ballot; Republicans beat Democrats by 1.5 percentage points — a margin of error of less than two percent given the GOP won the House majority by 3 percent.

State-level polling was also predominantly accurate, with a margin of error under three percent in both Gubernatorial races and U.S. Senate races.

In 2020, polls accurately predicted Biden would beat Trump and had Democrats leading in most surveys. Although the predictions were considerably enthusiastic about Democrats’ chances, the overall message that Democrats would beat Republicans was accurate.

These examples display why Biden shouldn’t dismiss polling as being inaccurate.

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