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Biden Creeps Up On Trump

In a recent poll, President Biden has made gains against former President Trump in six key battleground states, signaling a tightening race for the November general election. The Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll, released on Tuesday, shows Biden closing the gap with Trump, even surpassing him in one state, despite Trump’s overall lead among voters in these crucial regions.

Biden showed strength in the “blue wall” states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. He edged ahead of Trump by 1 point in Wisconsin, reversing a 4-point deficit from a February survey. In Michigan and Pennsylvania, both candidates are now neck and neck, each garnering 45 percent of voter support, a significant shift from earlier polls favoring Trump.

The President also made strides in Nevada, reducing Trump’s lead from 6 points to 2. However, in Arizona and North Carolina, Biden is still trailing, by 5 and 6 points respectively. Conversely, Trump expanded his advantage in Georgia, moving from a 6-point to a 7-point lead.

Despite these shifts, Trump maintains a lead over Biden among voters in swing states, with a 47 percent to 43 percent advantage according to the survey. The poll, which interviewed 4,932 registered voters across the seven swing states from March 8-15, indicates a competitive race with varying margins of error across the states.

Biden’s recent upswing in the polls is partly attributed to his State of the Union address, where he sharply delineated his vision against Trump’s past governance. Following the address, Biden has been actively campaigning in key states, underscoring his administration’s achievements and policy goals.

Trump’s public appearances have been limited since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee, with notable legal challenges, including an upcoming trial in New York, dominating his schedule. This dynamic sets the stage for an intensely fought battle leading up to the November election.

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