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Biden Caught Taking Trump’s What?

Trump Asserts Influence Over Bullish Stock Market Despite Biden’s Tenure 📊

Ex-President Donald Trump, known for his dire forecasts about the economy’s fate without his leadership, recently staked a claim for the credit behind the stock market’s soaring heights, despite it occurring well into President Biden’s term. On Monday, Trump took to Truth Social to assert that his favorable polling figures, particularly in a speculative electoral face-off against Biden, are buoying investor confidence, thereby propelling Wall Street’s gains.

In a bold declaration, Trump attributed the thriving stock market to the anticipation of his electoral success, suggesting that his lead in the polls is a key driver behind the market’s upward trajectory. This claim was met with derision from Biden’s campaign, which quickly retorted by highlighting Trump’s attempts to associate himself with the economic achievements under the current administration.

Poll analyses by The Hill/Decision Desk HQ indicate a tight race between Biden and Trump, with the latter marginally leading. Trump has consistently voiced his belief that the stock market would plummet without his victory in the presidential race, a sentiment he reiterated in the lead-up to the Iowa caucuses this month.

Despite Trump’s bleak economic outlook, the Dow Jones and S&P 500 have recently hit unprecedented highs. Trump linked these market successes to his polling lead over Biden, suggesting a market crash is imminent should his return to the presidency fall through. This narrative echoes Trump’s pre-2020 election warnings of a catastrophic market collapse under a Biden presidency.

In a playful jab, Biden’s team resurrected Trump’s past prediction, sharing it online with a taunting remark, underscoring the ongoing exchange of barbs between the two camps as they navigate the complex interplay of politics and economic performance.

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