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Biden Cannot Be Impeached?

GOP Senator Mullin Highlights Limits on Impeachment Grounds for Biden

Mullin Advises Against Impeachment for Actions Prior to Presidency

Republican Senator Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma has cautioned House Republicans that President Biden cannot be impeached for any actions or alleged crimes committed before his presidency in 2020. In a Newsmax interview, Mullin commented on the ongoing House GOP investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings, emphasizing that any grounds for impeachment must relate to Biden’s conduct while in his current office.

The Specifics of Impeachment Criteria According to Mullin

Senator Mullin clarified during his appearance on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” that high crimes or misdemeanors warranting impeachment must be committed during the current term of office. This distinction places Biden’s activities as vice president and in the period between vice presidency and presidency outside the scope of impeachable offenses.

Mullin’s Advice on Conviction Standards

Mullin urged careful consideration of any impeachment case against Biden, pointing out the high threshold for conviction. His comments come in the backdrop of many Senate Republicans, including Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell, acquitting former President Trump on technical grounds due to his no longer being in office at the time of the Senate trial.

House Resolution on Biden Impeachment Inquiry

The House recently passed a resolution authorizing a formal impeachment inquiry into Biden, particularly regarding whether he improperly benefited from Hunter Biden’s business dealings with foreign entities. Hunter Biden, defending his and his father’s positions, stated at a news conference that Joe Biden had no financial involvement in his business ventures.

Focus of House GOP Investigators and Senate Republican Caution

House GOP investigators have been focusing on events between 2014 and 2017, while Joe Biden was vice president and shortly thereafter. However, other Republican senators like John Thune and John Cornyn have warned that the likelihood of convicting Biden in a Democratic-controlled Senate is slim. Convicting and removing Biden would require a significant number of Democratic votes, a scenario Mullin and others see as highly unlikely.

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