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Biden Campaign Challenges Media’s Poll Coverage

Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Raises Concerns Over Poll Reporting
In a proactive move, the Biden-Harris 2024 campaign dispatched a memo to various news organizations on Tuesday, highlighting what they perceive as an imbalance in the media’s portrayal of recent polling data. This communication, initially shared with The Hill, is set to reach the desks of political directors and media producers across the board.

Communications Director Advocates for a Broader Perspective
Michael Tyler, the campaign’s communications director, expressed in the memo a call for context when interpreting political forecasts, especially those made well ahead of election day. He reminded the media of past predictions that failed to materialize, such as the anticipated loss for President Obama, which ultimately turned into a victory.

Polling Diversity: A Plea for Inclusivity in Coverage
The memo points out a series of polls conducted from mid-October to early November that have shown Biden either in the lead or neck-and-neck with Trump, challenging the exclusive focus on the New York Times/Siena College poll that has dominated recent headlines.

Highlighting Biden’s Policy Successes Amid Economic Concerns
While acknowledging the less favorable views on Biden’s economic management, Tyler’s memo emphasizes the administration’s achievements, including healthcare affordability and infrastructure improvements, arguing that these successes are not being adequately reflected in the media narrative.

Campaign’s Outreach and Voter Engagement Efforts
The memo also sheds light on the Biden campaign’s strategic voter outreach, targeting key demographic groups through paid media campaigns, despite the skepticism surrounding polling accuracy.

A Record of Historical Significance and Future Focus
Tyler reinforces Biden’s 2020 milestone as the presidential candidate with the most votes in U.S. history and his unique position as the only one to have defeated Trump. The campaign, according to Tyler, is tuning out the “noise” and focusing on the upcoming electoral challenge.

White House Calls for Polling Skepticism
Echoing the campaign’s sentiments, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre advised caution in interpreting the latest polls, citing instances where surveys did not accurately predict electoral outcomes.

Campaign’s Stance on Polling: A Reflection of Resilience
The Biden team is intent on quelling Democratic concerns, choosing to view the recent polling as a snapshot rather than a forecast of doom. This latest memo follows a similar strategy from September, where the White House sought to encourage more critical coverage of the House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into Biden.

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