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Biden Builds Border Wall

On Thursday, President Biden justified his administration’s decision to continue the U.S.-Mexico border wall construction by clarifying his position, emphasizing that he doesn’t view the wall as an effective solution to immigration challenges.

Addressing the press in the Oval Office, following an announcement about bypassing specific environmental laws for the construction in a vital Texas border area, Biden said, “Funds were already designated for the border wall. I sought to redirect these funds, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Legally, the allocated money must be spent on its original purpose. My hands are tied.”

When quizzed about the efficacy of the border wall, Biden firmly responded with a “no.”

The recent revelation confirms that nearly 24 federal laws were set aside to enable the construction in Starr County, Texas, a hotspot for unauthorized migrant crossings this year, as reported by The Associated Press.

Interestingly, the funds for the wall’s construction were set aside by Congress in 2019, prior to Biden’s presidency. Despite Biden’s strong opposition to the wall during his campaign, contrasting Trump’s stance, his administration now finds itself in a complex position due to pre-existing allocations.

The border wall has been a contentious topic, with Democrats widely opposing it. It stood as a central commitment during Trump’s 2016 campaign and has since become a fundamental element of the Republican’s immigration agenda.

Trump didn’t hesitate to weigh in on Biden’s latest move. “Will Biden extend an apology to me and the nation for the delay and the consequent entry of millions of undocumented immigrants?” Trump expressed on Truth Social. “I await his response.”

Biden’s team continuously emphasized that the funding for the new wall sections was decided before his term. Deputy press secretary Andrew Bates commented on X, previously known as Twitter, “The reality: A 2019 legislation compels us. We urged Congress to retract these funds, but to no avail. We’re abiding by the law.” Bates further pressed on the need for Congress to expedite the border measures proposed by Biden.

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