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Biden Brings In Big Guns For Help

Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are set to energize supporters for Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, leveraging the anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to appeal to voters. This event will underscore the ACA’s importance, highlighting the leadership qualities of Biden and Obama, as per Biden’s campaign chair, Jen O’Malley Dillon, in a conversation with POLITICO. She emphasized the demonstration of leadership in achieving what was once deemed unattainable.

As the Republican party challenges on various fronts like immigration, inflation, and crime, Democratic candidates are eager to focus on their achievements in healthcare, banking on voter trust in their handling of the issue. Biden’s campaign will draw attention to real-life benefits from his administration’s enhancements to the ACA and the historic peak in Obamacare enrollments seen in January. Despite the delay in reduced drug costs under Medicare until 2026, Biden is set to promote these initiatives on the campaign trail. Recent ads in both English and Spanish have been launched, promoting Biden’s role in initiating drug price negotiations and setting caps on Medicare insulin expenses.

The ACA, once a contentious issue causing a loss of congressional majority for the Democrats, now serves as a strong campaign asset due to its widespread approval. Since the last major repeal effort by Republicans in 2017, ACA enrollment has surged by 50%, notably in Florida and other traditionally Republican states. Additionally, Medicaid expansion under the ACA in nine more swing states complicates the political feasibility of its repeal, even acknowledged by Republican legislators.

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