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Biden Bribes Workers?

GOP Says Biden is Bribing Workers with this, what do you think?

The Biden administration introduced a new rule on Tuesday designed to ensure that workers earning approximately $59,000 or less annually receive appropriate compensation for overtime work.

The Department of Labor announced that it would raise the salary thresholds necessary to exempt salaried employees from federal overtime pay regulations.

Starting in July this year, the threshold will increase to $43,888, and will then rise to $58,656 in January 2025.

“This increase on July 1 adjusts the current annual salary threshold of $35,568, reflecting the methodology used in the 2019 overtime rule update by the previous administration,” the department noted.

Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su stated that the new rule would “reinforce the principle that workers who exceed 40 hours of work in a week should receive additional compensation.”

“Frequently, salaried workers who are lower-paid find themselves in roles similar to those of their hourly peers, yet they work longer hours without extra pay, missing valuable family time,” she added. “This situation is simply not right.”

The Department also revealed that starting from July 2027, the salary thresholds would be adjusted every three years using current wage data to set new salary levels, as stipulated by the rule.

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), the former chair of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, praised the initiative, noting that it could significantly impact the lives of more than 4 million workers.

“From the beginning, the Biden administration has committed to enhancing the welfare of American workers, and this rule marks another significant step towards that goal,” she expressed.

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