Americans Say Trump Is More Christian Than Pence Or Biden, You Agree?

Trump Favorability Tops Everyone

Ex-President Trump, currently leading the GOP primary race, also received the highest “strongly favorable” rating, with about 22% of voters expressing this sentiment.

In comparison, Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, perceived as Trump’s main rival, garnered a “strongly unfavorable” rating from 34% and a “strongly favorable” rating from 11% of the participants.

Amidst various legal challenges and potential criminal charges, Trump is actively campaigning for another presidential term. Despite his commanding lead in polls, he opted out of the initial GOP presidential debate and intends to skip the subsequent one in Simi Valley, California.

Interestingly, Trump was the sole GOP candidate in the survey whose “strongly favorable” rating surpassed his “moderately favorable” score.

Ex-Vice President Mike Pence received a 7% “strongly favorable” and a 22% “moderately favorable” rating, while 33% viewed him as “strongly unfavorable” and 28% as “moderately unfavorable.”

Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy received mixed ratings, with significant portions of voters uncertain about their opinion on him, Nikki Haley, and Senator Tim Scott.

The majority of participants were most unsure about ex-Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s popularity, who didn’t qualify for the upcoming GOP debate in California.

Only a minor 4% of participants were uncertain about their opinion on Trump.

Haley and Scott received nearly equal favorable ratings, with a slight variation in their unfavorable scores.

Ex-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s ratings were diverse, with approximately 5% “strongly favorable” and 17% “moderately favorable.”

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