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Alarming Poll Results for Biden’s Campaign

According to Obama’s Former Adviser

David Axelrod, a senior adviser to former President Obama, described the recent Wall Street Journal poll results as “very, very dark” for President Biden’s reelection campaign. On his podcast “Hacks on Tap,” which he co-hosts with ex-White House press secretary Robert Gibbs and political media consultant Mike Murphy, Axelrod expressed concern over Biden’s dropping approval ratings and unfavorable comparisons with former President Trump.

Significant Disapproval and Hypothetical Election Matchup

The Wall Street Journal poll, released Saturday, showed Biden with an approval rating of just 37%, while 61% of respondents viewed him unfavorably. In a theoretical matchup between Biden and Trump, the poll indicated Biden trailing Trump by 4 points, with 47% favoring Trump and 43% supporting Biden.

Voters’ Perception of Biden vs. Trump’s Policies

What particularly alarmed Axelrod were the findings about how voters perceive the impact of Biden’s and Trump’s policies. Only 23% felt Biden’s policies had helped them, in stark contrast to 49% for Trump’s policies. Furthermore, 53% believed Biden’s policies had harmed them personally, compared to 37% for Trump.

Axelrod’s Concerns and The “Bidenomics” Campaign

Axelrod highlighted the Biden administration’s recent photo ops featuring “Bidenomics” signs, a slogan used to promote the president’s economic agenda. Despite these efforts, Axelrod remains skeptical, citing private polling he’s privy to which suggests a less dire but still concerning situation for Biden.

Gibbs Urges More Aggressive Campaign Approach

Robert Gibbs added that it’s time for the Biden campaign to start “playing campaign in a far more concerted way,” especially in light of a CNN poll showing Trump leading in Michigan. He emphasized the need for the campaign to shift public perception from simply being against Biden to making a clear choice between the candidates.

Axelrod’s Previous Comments and the Campaign’s Response

Axelrod’s latest remarks follow his previous suggestion that Biden might consider not running in 2024. He later clarified that he wasn’t overly concerned about polling a year before the election. Recently, Axelrod stated he believes Biden has a “50-50 shot” at reelection. The Biden reelection campaign has not yet responded to these comments.

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