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Top Republican THROWS Trump Under The Bus

He’s completely lost it.

According to Breitbart News, Sen. Kevin Cramer attacked President Donald Trump stating that his lawyers didn’t hold up.

“The president’s team did not make as good an argument against it as House managers made for the constitutional point of Senate jurisdictions. However, even at that, the president’s lawyers made an adequate case,” Cramer told host Maria Bartiromo.

He added, “While not as flashy and perhaps as complete as the managers, it was still an adequate case, so I stand by that. I do think that you know in terms of the hill that the managers have to climb is still very steep and it’s very high — not just because, you know, at least 44 of us think this is unconstitutional exercise altogether, but because I think that the line between, you know criminal liability, and firing up a crowd is you know a pretty tough, I think, cause and effect to make for insurrection.” You can watch a clip of Cramer’s remarks here.

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