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Republican Gives Liberals The BAD News

They are furious over this.

According to Breitbart News, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee sided with President Donald Trump for the 2020 election and stated that “the only person who can defeat Donald Trump is Donald Trump.”

“I think the only person who can defeat Donald Trump is Donald Trump,” Huckabee advised. “I say that his message is the right one, but the matter in which he says it becomes critically important. We are in very tense times, and there needs to be that calming voice of reassurance. He can do that. He has done it before. And that’s the balance he has got to strike. It’s not too late.”

“I think he will win because he’s a smart guy,” he added. “He got there the first time. I think he will get there the second time. And he is running against somebody that half the time doesn’t remember what he is running for. So, yeah, I think he has got some things to course correct. But, is it too late? Or is he in that deep of trouble? It can be fixed, and I believe it will be.” You can watch a clip of Huckabee’s remarks here.

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