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Furious Republican DESTROYS Democrats

He’s not messing around.

According to Breitbart News, Rep. Jim Jordan slammed Democrats stating that the effort to trick Flynn into lying to them in an interview and set him up “goes all the way to the top” with former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden.

“This was a coordinated effort to go after Flynn because they knew Flynn would expose what they did,” Jordan told host Maria Bartiromo. “And that’s what ticks me off more than anything else. They went after a three-star general because he was going to tell the world. He would figure it out as the national security advisor for President Trump, and as the former head of defense intelligence, he would figure it out. That’s why it was so darn wrong.”

“The January 5, 2017, Oval Office meeting — Obama and Biden are in that meeting, so it has to go all the way to the top. They are in there talking about it. The very next day is when Comey goes up, and talks to the president about the dossier he already knew was false. So, this is was all coordinated in that last few days of the Obama-Biden administration,” he added. You can watch a clip of Jordan’s remarks here.

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