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He’s in big trouble now.

According to Fox News, CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta was humiliated by Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz stating that he has a personal vendetta against President Donald Trump.

“Jim Acosta got a book deal and a little bit of fame by constantly trashing President Trump, debating him rather than questioning him, and pushing his own agenda,” Kurtz told Jon Scott on Wednesday. “For him now to tell ‘The Atlantic,’ among other quotes, that the Trump presidency was a ‘nonstop national emergency,’ and that he couldn’t stomach the president’s attacks on the press, really shows that, for Jim Acosta, this has been a personal vendetta.”

“Now to say that the Biden presidency will be approached differently, it’s not very hard to crack that code,” Kurtz added. “Acosta, and there will be others, I assure you, that have no intention of aggressively covering the Biden tenure.” You can read the full article here.

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