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CNBC Host Says THIS To Pelosi’s Face

She must be completely humiliated.

CNBC’s Jim Cramer was speaking with Nancy Pelosi recently when he called her “Crazy Nancy” right to her face.

Cramer said, “What deal can we have, Crazy Nancy? I’m sorry, that was the president. I have such reference for the office. I would never use that term.”

Pelosi responded saying, “But you just did! But you just did.”

Pelosi continues saying, “Anything the president says is a projection of his own insecurities. He calls other people crazy because he knows he is. He’s a master of projection. So anytime he says something you say, ‘Uh-oh, that’s what he’s thinking of himself.’ If you’re talking to him, you’re almost wasting your time, because it’s not going to pan out.”

Trump has been calling Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” and it seems to have stuck with even the Democrats.

She’s probably infuriated for being called that. Read the whole article here.

Image Credit: New York Post

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